a selection of Pat’s articles and short stories Love in Bloom Kate pulled her long, brown hair into a ponytail and looked out on the yard of her new home where robins hopped about, snatching up a meal. The sun shone brightly, announcing the approach of spring. Finally! She visualized a row of multicolored flowers bordering her driveway. Not Impossible With God During the early years of our marriage, my husband, John, and I realized the chance of a pregnancy was small, since I was now 40 . . . Not Just Another Day Another week! For a moment Carol felt somewhat disheartened as she contemplated the day ahead and all the things that had to be done. She gazed at the calendar hanging on the wall. She’d bought one with a large box for each date so she could write down what had to be done on any particular day. But it seemed each day blurred into the next and wasn’t much different from yesterday or the day before. Put The Kettle On!  “When I ask my husband, ‘What do you want to drink?’ He will always respond, ‘A hot cup of tea’” . . . Reconnecting With Family “How good it’d be to get my father’s family together,” was just a chance remark . . . Secret Admirer Trudi crossed the living room to the window and pulled back the heavy drapes. She swiped the sleeve of her terry robe down the misty pane and gazed out. “Ray’s out of town for another day, but he’s already extended the deadline for my proposal. Snow or no snow, tomorrow is the deadline.” The Christmas Bazaar “It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas.” The words coming from a radio rang in Melanie’s ear. She walked toward her spot through a crowded room, hauling a large metal table. Today was the annual Christmas bazaar, and Mel was there to sign copies of a book series containing a few of her stories, but there was no “carol ringing within her heart.” published articles, essays, and short stories (print and/or online) A Woman Saved (U.S.) Running To Feel God’s Pleasure (Autumn-Winter, 2016-17) Bethlehem Writers Roundtable (U.S.) A Fresh Start (Summer 2017) Bible Advocate (U.S.) Parental Guidance Required (Sept. 2009, p. 14, pdf) After the Storm (Nov.-Dec. 2016) Brave Hearts (U.S.) Mother’s Home – A Haven (Summer 2005) (print only) Carole Marie (U.S.) Guest Post: The Write Time is Now (Oct. 16, 2011) Christian Fiction Online Magazine (U.S.) Only Yards Apart I Can See Clearly Now (2010) Northwest Baby and Child (U.S.) Doubly Blessed (May 2004) (print only) A Baby For Me, Too (April 2006) (print only) Renewed and Ready (U.S.) Spread Your Wings – But Be Careful (May 2009) (print only) Ruby for Women (U.S.) (site defunct - 2019) Red Letter Day (Sept. 2017) Spread Your Wings (May 2017) Love in Bloom (April 2017) No Bells Ringing (Dec. 2016) The Lookout (U.S.) The Lookout Essay: A Deeper Appreciation of America (July 2016) Bring Back The Wonder Of Childhood (Feb. 2006) (print only) The Over 50 Writer (U.S.) It’s Never Too Late (February 2016) Woman Alive (U.K.) Just Your Age Alone (March 2004) (print only) Woman’s Touch (U.S.) Using Parental Supervision (Oct. 2006) (print only)
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