Not Impossible With God During the early years of our marriage, my husband John and I realized the chance of a pregnancy was small since I was now forty. This situation was further complicated by a chronic condition thought to be responsible for my infertility. “It’s not utterly impossible but it’s extremely improbable you’ll become pregnant. You might wish to consider an adoption,” my gynecologist suggested. She gave us all the information on an upcoming adoption seminar. At first, John and I weren’t certain this was what we wanted to do, but we attended the seminar. Then we became very enthusi- astic about this way of gaining our family. Since we were well above the age limit for an agency adoption, we retained an attor- ney who specialized in private independent adoption. I did much networking at the hospital where I worked. While letting others know of our desire to adopt, I found I was far less timid than I had expected. Still, one-and-a-half years elapsed with no real adoption prospects. Nevertheless, we were still de- termined and hopeful and continued to get the word out. We always relied on the promise in Proverbs 3:6: “In all your ways ac- knowledge Him, and He will make your paths straight.” Then on an impulse one afternoon I called the physician who had suggested adoption. She might be of further help, I thought. I was told she had relocated and was now practicing in another part of our state. This didn’t discourage me. My determination amazed me. “What’s her number?” I asked. The desire to have a family was intense. And having come this far, I was unwilling to stop now. I promptly dialed her new number and was informed she was with a patient. I left my name and telephone number. When she returned my call she had no clue as to the reason for the contact, but she did remember us. I explained and assured her that we’d completed all the requirements for a private adoption. She promised to let us know if she could be of further assistance. We had established yet another source for an independent adoption. When will we be successful? I wondered. The answer to this question came in ten days when a separate telephone reserved for adoption only rang. “Jeanne, I have a baby for you.” My former doctor was calling from her home. I was just too excited to say anything. My heart jumped. John sat me down in a chair. She went on to explain. “The very afternoon you called my office, a young girl and her mother kept an appointment. Tests taken then, later showed she was pregnant.” She continued, “The birth mother felt she would be unable to give her baby a good life and she soon made the decision to find a Christian home for her baby. After I told her about you, she decided she would like you to raise this child. The timing of your call that day was a remarkable coincidence.” But was it “God’s Hand” or was it “the long arm of coincidence?” I knew this wasn’t merely a quirky chance happening. God truly directed my path when I made that call. And we could provide for this child exactly what his birth mother wanted — a lov- ing, nurturing Christian home for a much wanted baby. It was an overcast early spring morning when we were awakened by that life-altering telephone call at 6 a.m. “It’s a boy! He’s beautiful.” It was the voice of the baby’s grandmother. Although it was a dreary and rainy day — for us the sun had broken through the clouds — we took little notice. John and I couldn’t get to the hospital fast enough. We’d been waiting for this moment for a long time, but never gave up hope. I was first to hold him. You’re meant to be my son, I thought as I picked him up in my arms. Yes, he was beautiful. Now, after many conversations over the telephone, we met the young woman who was giving him to us to be his parents and we met her mother. My husband and I were so grateful to her, to God, and to all involved in making this possible. John and I brought our baby home in three days. With our son Johnny, my husband and I felt our family was complete. Then a year later in the spring I thought, I must have the flu. But does it last so long? I considered the chance I might be preg- nant. Impossible! I was 48 years old and infertile! Finally, I told John, “I think I might be pregnant.” Yet even as I said this I found it impossible to believe. “Your pregnancy test is positive!” said my primary care physician with obvious excitement in her voice. After the initial surprise and joy, I couldn’t help but wonder, “How will I cope with two babies at my age? Will the baby be healthy?” My pregnancy was a smooth one although the baby was in breech position until delivery. Joshua was delivered full-term by C- Section. “This is truly a miracle baby!” my obstetrician exclaimed when she entered my hospital room. “One for the records, for sure. Just your age alone makes it extraordinary.” Eventually I wrote to the gynecologist who had helped with our adoption, informing her of the new addition. A few months later while talking with her over the telephone, it became apparent she had misunderstood my letter when she said, “You’ve adopted another child, right?” It took some moments to convince her I had given birth. “Impossible!” was her stunned, gleeful reaction. Today our two sons are in elementary school. When some days are rough and I feel the demands of being a parent, I recall when God responded to the desire of our hearts in a special way, and I remember — all things are possible with God! _______________ Published in Chicken Soup for the Soul Bible (companion story), March 2004. Web version published at (defunct) Images courtesy of Pixabay
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